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1. Basic recommendations

If you eliminate acidity with products of phase 1, give the skin also vital und mineral nutrients (phase 2). So use as far as possible both phases.

2. Important remark for women concerned

If you have the feeling to be over-acidified, start to use alkaline body care after menstruation and not just before to avoid aggravations at the start.

3. Treatment suggestions for healthy skin

To purify, use a phase 1 shower gel or shampoo; to revitalise and nourish the skin, use a phase 2 product.

4. To eliminate intensively with the Osmosis Gels

Simple, mobile purification which does not take a long time.
Through this intensive purification significant increases in the success of treatment can be achieved.
Our strong recommendation:
The more over-acidified the condition of the body, the more cautiously purification treatment should be undertaken for problem areas like scalp, face and upper part of the body in order to avoid aggravations at the start. Eliminate mainly through the feets and lower legs, as often as possible.

5. Sport-Osmosis: easy, effective and quick

Very suitable to break down lactic acids. To be used by nearly all sportive activities and whenever you are in motion like when bicycling, working out at a gym, walking, working in the garden / the house. The more the body is moving, the more the liquids in the body are pulsating. This is the best condition to eliminate acidity. Dampen slightly feets and lower legs with water and rub in the Osmosis Gel. After sport rinse it off thoroughly or brush it off.

6. Sport / Osmosis by cellulite

In case of cellulite treatment, female users can achieve significant success by using the Osmosis Gel not only on feets and lower legs but also on cellulite areas. To nourish and revitalise the skin, it is essential to use a product from Phase 2.

7. The 28 days osmosis face treatment

In the evening apply the Osmosis Gel to the slightly dampened skin, leave it to work for 1-2 minutes, rinse it off very thoroughly, and afterwards gently rub in the Rich Care Cream.

8. Billowed feets and legs

In case of pregnancy, gout, if someone stands long time, was exposed to sun or high temperature for a long time, we recommend to rub in feets and legs with the Osmosis Gel in the evening. You may leave it to work for the whole night.
But remember please: to leave it to work for a long time requires first substantial explanatory support!

Phase 2:
In the morning rub in feets and legs with a OVIMED Body Lotion.
If needed use also one of the OVIMED Oil.

9. Pain in muscles, limbs and joints

Rub in Osmosis Geldaily. Leave in for up to 2 hours. Later leave it to work also for the whole night. Rinse out thoroughly/brush it off, and then apply the Lotion Minerale or the Lotion Naturelle pour peau sensible.

10. Holistic treatment of Hair loss/scalp problem

Wash scalp with one of our alkaline Shampoo. If possible perform Osmosis Gel treatments. Use Hair Active Concentrate in cases of heavy hair loss; otherwise use one of the Lotions. Add eventually Extracts. Avoid using acid body care products.

11. Using the Lotions in conjunction with Extracts

Adding the "Extracts" to the four lotions and the Hair Active Concentrate enable you to make individual adjustments, according to the needs of the skin.

12. Care Creams and Body Lotion

It doesn’t matter if it’s your face, your hands or your body, our care Creams can be applied universally and also be combined with the lotions.
The effectiveness of the OVIMED Rich Care Cream is strengthened enormously if you apply our Moisturising Cream or our Body Lotion, or one of our other Lotions beforehand. Our customers call it "my ointment".

Usual mode of use:
In the evening Rich Care Cream, in the morning and during the day Moisturising Cream and/ or Body Lotion.

The Moisturising Cream, the Rich Care Cream and the Body Lotion contain Tocopherol. It is a natural vitamin E acting as scavenger and sun protection. Especially our Rich Care Cream is used successfully by many our customers as sun cream. We recommend you to try it carefully.

13. Solarium

Use the Body Lotion or the Rich Care Cream before and after the solarium, depending on the skin type.

Further possibilities:
Before the solarium, rub in the Body Lotion, afterwards the Rich Care Cream. You can use also the OVIMED Bio Oils before and after the solarium.

14. Sauna

Enormous purifying effect for sauna. Sweating will become much better.

Rub in Osmosis Gel on feets, legs and/or areas of cellulite before the sauna. Between the sauna sections, shower only slightly and after the last sauna section shower thoroughly, eventually brush off.
Please do not go into the swimming pool with Osmosis Gel applied.

15. Headaches and Migraines

Mobile foot baths and treatment of the neck/shoulder area and/or integrated purification with the Osmosis Gel. Use only care products of phase 1 and phase 2 and avoid acid products.

16. Cancer

We recommend warmly to persons who have cancer to study the concept of alkaline body care. It is here essential to avoid acidity and to increase the rate of vital and mineral nutrients.

17. Warts

Have an alkaline shower and use very often the Osmosis Gel to dry the warts. Leave it to work several hours. Apply Rich Care Cream several times daily.

18. Lip Care for dry lips and herpes

Instead of using an almost addictive lip salve, apply our Rich Care Cream for shining, smooth and delicate lips already after some uses. Excellent for use with herpes. As far as possible, start applying several times daily as soon as signs of problems become evident. It is also available in 15 ml pocket size.

19. Deodorant

After alkaline purification use for alar and intimate areas the bio-alkaline Lotion naturelle pour peau sensible or the Lotion minerale. A very natural way to deodorise.

20. Purification and fasting treatments, diets ...

In almost all treatments, the skin, an expulsion organ, is not paid adequate consideration. Alkaline skin treatment disencumbers the other organs, and detoxifies the body and skin tissue hugely.

21. Shaving Creme

Alkaline Shampoo, Shower Gel and Osmosis Gel are very suitable as shaving foam. Also for women to remove undesired hairs.

Information on our internet pages and any other information you receive in any other form from us shall not be deemed a diagnosis, treatment or therapy in the medical sense. It is non-binding, and does not replace consultation, treatment or care by a physician. You should therefore consult your physician with all health problems or complaints. No current medical treatment should be interrupted or terminated, no treatment needed in the future should be postponed or entirely omitted. We therefore accept no liability whatsoever in respect of the correctness, completeness or the timeliness of the given information.


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