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Acid-Base Balance during pregnancy

Disturbances of Acid-base balance during pregnancy

Precisely during pregnancy women experience an increased body acidity. Due to the lack of menstruation during 9 months, the natural elimination of acidity and toxic substances is limited till childbirth.

This may be the cause for following accessory symptoms:
- Hair Loss
- Migraine
- Edema
- Warts
- Fungal infection
- Stretch marks
- Belly itchiness
- Hemorrhoid
- Spots
- Caries
- Cellulite
- Varicose veins
- Brackishness
- Hot flash…

But they can be avoided!

Alkaline Body Care for more acid-base regulation

Alkaline Body Care is for cleanses and care of skin and scalp but also for elimination of acidity in the body.
It alleviates pregnancy ailments. Best is to start just at the beginning of pregnancy.

Alkaline Food and Alkaline ionized Water

To eat more alkaline food like vegetables and fruits and to drink only alkaline ionized Water enable additional acid-base regulation.

Positive effects for mother and child

Women have more energy and can enjoy much more pregnancy and childbed.

Less acidity for women means also less acidity in the amniotic fluid. An alkaline amniotic fluid with a pH level of 8.5 means a healthy start in life for the baby.

Furthermore the sensitive range of OVIMED bio-Alkaline Body Care suits best baby skin care and scalp care.

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